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Improve efficiency with CAD Search

With CAD-search you can quickly find similar drawings that you’ve already worked with thanks to our system reading drawings in the same way as human reads drawings.

Introducing the CAD assistant

  • Find similar drawings by uploading existing drawing.
  • Filter on different types of drawings, e.g. assembly, sheet or part.
  • Customize the CAD assistant by training it on your own data.

See how the CAD assistant works!

Easliy integrated into your systems

The CAD assistant can easily be integrated into your existing systems so you don’t need to change your workflow. Our experts will help you find best way of integration.

Book a demo

Add you details here to book a free demo of the CAD assistant. If you have any questions you can also contact us by email

    Save time

    When you need to find drawings or files, you can use the CAD assistant to search and automatically find relevant CAD files. As soon as our assistant finds a match you’ll get a notice and you can compare suggested file with your ongoing project. In this way you can avoid repetitive processes and faster get forward in your project.

    Easier quotation handling

    By creating new quotatoins from previous CAD files you can give new quotations faster and more accurate.

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I install the CAD assistant

    The CAD assistant is easily integrated into your existing systems. Our experts will help you get started.

    Do we need to add meta information to our CAD file to make CAD search work?

    No that’s the best part! The CAD assistant can themself read through the files you want to search and will add its own meta information for these files. Examples on properties the CAD assistant reads is complexity, type of drawing and what design choices has been made.