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with CAD-search

With CAD-search you can quickly find similar articles that you’ve already worked with thanks to our system reading drawings in the same way as humans are reading them.

See how the CAD assistent works!

Search among drawings

When you need to find drawings or files, you can use the CAD assistant to search and automatically find relevant CAD files. As soon as our assistant finds a match you’ll get a notice and you can compare suggested file with your ongoing project. In this way you can avoid repetitive processes and faster get forward in your project.

Automatically review drawings

When a new drawing is ready for review, the drawing is sent to our CAD assistant who pre-reviews the drawing before sending it to a human reviewer. This lets you find errors faster, it gives fewer iterations and the risk for missing misstakes is reduced.

Book a demo

Add your details here and book a walkthrough of our system. If you have any questions you can also contact us on email